Month: July 2006

Christmas Time; Horrors; and Sadness

Nothing is more fun during a record heatwave than recording Christmas music. I’m used to it – it happens every year. What Child is This Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem Silent Night A piece that I classified as “horror” which

Yearly Calendar Upgrade

A long-time formatting issue with the dates on the Yearly Calendar PDFs have been fixed! Also, the problem has been fixed with 0-byte length returns on the yearly calendars, so you get them more reliably now with browser plug-ins. I’m

Falcon Byron TV Flash!

Audio Dramas: The Falcon Banner New Episode online; #5. It has music that I composed for eps 2 and 4 in it – because I didn’t have the time to provide a full new score. Very nice edits. I’m

Polka / Durge

Ever wake up in the morning and think; “I want to write a super-crazy polka!”? Oh, come on… Seriously? Never? Well… I’m not weird if that’s what you think. They’ve been running radio ads for a polka-fest in my area

Nice Atmospheric

I’ve been busy, but not everything is online. I’ve done 5 commission pieces and a musical this last week, but here’s some pieces for you – the loving public. Bathed in the Light (atmospheric) Starry (piano solo) “Bathed in the

31 minutes; Fun for all

I know, it has been almost a week since my last update. I’ve been slacking. All I have to show for it is nine new tracks totalling 31 minutes. In the Horror Genre I did five new background pads; Heart