Month: May 2009

A short Case Study for a short piece

Terminator: Salvation

For some reason, when the sequels hit four, they tend not to put the number in the title anymore — probably a way to try to avoid the usual view of sequels as getting worse and worse. But the Terminator

Melodica Demo

From the blurry nether regions of YouTube, comes an awesome little iPhone app called “Melodica”. It is $0.99. Seriously people. I don’t care how musical you are or are not – this app is a blast. Go get it! You

New Paper?

Yeah, its been a while since that headline came up! Behold! Grid Lined Grid-Lined PDF Generator – – Multiple boxes per each writing line. It doesn’t need to be as big as it is shown there… you can really cram

Awesome new sightings!

The always entertaining “Damsel in this Dress”. Damsel In…This DRESS! Rhe De Ville: CUTLETS ~ Chapter 3by Rhe_De_Ville — THERE’S MORE! The super informative and pleasant podcast from NASA: Blueshift And a… related(?) podcast – wherein the host comments on

Star Trek

This is a reboot. I really can’t emphasize that enough. This is not your father’s Star Trek. The writers here took all the main characters you remember from the original series, many of the most famous lines, various alien races