Month: July 2009

Loungy Bits

Disco Lounge Kool Kats Cheers, all.

Video Mania!

Damsel In…This DRESS! Rhe De Ville: CUTLETS ~ Chapter 4by Rhe_De_Ville Rhe De Ville with another nice piece! Here’s an amazing vampire film, “Shadowland”… and just for fun, from Craig Knitt.

Native American Drumming

Five (5) new pieces in Native American style. I got some new headphones, and some great monitors – these mixes should be excellent. See them all! Night of the Owl, Thunderhead, Birch Run, Black Bird, Firesong.

Public Enemies

It’s enemies plural because there are several of them — and you may even have heard of Pretty Boy Floyd, for instance, though you have to look fast to see him in this movie — but it’s really all about

Dream Composing

I usually have a soundtrack when I dream. This time, I was able to get it recorded before it flew off into the ether. It is a simple piece with an odd feel… in that it is mostly a 3/3/2/3/3

Epic Sounds

Truth of the Legend – one of my favorite new pieces. Rising Game Living Voyage – Eastern fusion Willow and the Light