Month: April 2012

Groove Grove

With composer commentary: Just the music: Groove Grove The idea for this piece is background music for ethereal storytelling. It’s a little chill, and it is able to carry interest through large vocal pauses like this…. Ok here’s the layers


Minima – With Commentary Minima – No Commentary Download: Minima

Future Percussions

Future Gladiator Steel Rods – another interesting percussion piece!

Also An Artist – The Faces of Charles Lomek

Very cool short documentary. “I draw mostly smiling faces because I believe that it is much better to give a positive energy to my art than the negative stuff, like when I was using and drinking all the time.”

Low-Rent Update

I’m getting a little busy these days – so I don’t have time to do the cool YouTube previews or sheet musics. Here’s the bare-bones. Rock Summon the Rawk 3:28 Anti-Rock Healing 8:40 TV Theme Evening Melodrama 0:36

Brittle Rille

Brittle Rille. Sheet music is also available for this – but it isn’t easily playable.