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Patreon Supporter Highlight!

Special thanks to my newest Super-Hero level patreon supporter, FUGUE!

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Hold on to your hats, people! (Expert Mode)

@freeek323 is displaying that it is possible to finish the expert level of my new piece.
I personally can’t make it more than 15 seconds.

Download it here!

My First Beat Saber Track

In an attempt to make the most awesome game in the world even awesomer, I’ve been making new tracks for Beat Saber. This is the first one.

You can download the files from here:

Yes. You can create your own levels with this music.
Yes. You can distribute the levels and music wherever you like.
Music licensed: CC0 (Public Domain-ish)

Get Your 80s On!

Today’s Featured Piece is “Fireworks” by Alexander Nakarada. (bottom of the page)

It has all the production of an iconic 80s-era electronic soundtrack!
Grab your Rubik’s Cube, put your quarters in the queue for Pac Man, and celebrate the US and Canada Free Trade Agreement in style!

CC0 License. It doesn’t get better than this.

A Soundtrack Story

Many years ago I did a lot of music for an Xbox title. I really liked the work, and so did everyone else! The title of that game? No one knows. It didn’t get published. Years later, I got a request to do music for a new casual game, so I grabbed the loops from the Xbox game and repurposed them for this: Warlock Taco!

I’ve played Warlock Taco. I enjoy playing it. It is well done. I still don’t get it. That may be the point. Free to Play.

More from the Brett!

This music sounds best coming live from an orchestra pit, but I offer this recording as the next best thing: A bright and shiny, light, up-tempo TV studio orchestral with lush strings, harp, lively piccolos, celeste and muted trumpets. Think 1950’s Oscar’s ceremonies, or the soundtrack to a mental hygiene film strip of the same era. Make a perfect meatloaf every time with this beautiful new G.E. oven and range with convenient side oven! (Now available in flamingo pink and seafoam green!) Great for entertaining at home with cocktails.