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From the Mind of Brett VanDonsel

Classic 60’s bachelor pad music. Pairs well with a martini in London. Smooth swingin’ big band orchestration complete with harpsichord and vibes. Also featuring harmonized full saxophone section soli, upright bass, trombone, piccolo, sort of Henry Mancini, Austin Powers powers on a more reflective day, Mr. Incredible coming back from retirement, or James Bond mixing business with pleasure, shaken not stirred.

It’s a mixture of acoustic and sampled instruments. The guitar part is me playing on a Heritage H-575 hollow body acoustic guitar. It’s a mixture of the signal from the pickups and a ribbon mic out in front of it. The drums are almost all real instruments except a few cymbal crashes and the hi-hats, which were serving as a click track. Ride cymbals and snare drums (brushes and subtle stuff) were worth the extra effort of playing acoustically rather than using samples. In my opinion it makes the who mix feel less stiff.

The horns are samples (no kidding, right?) If any horn section is interested in donating their time to record it, go for it. I can send you a version with no horns and you can add them in. Saxophones are particular tough to recreate, so I find the best bet is to focus heavily on the parts working well from a writing standpoint before getting to hung up on the sounds. Good harmonization and voice leading and well defined articulation can do a lot to mask less than stellar sounds. (but you can’t beat a real section)

To hear some “real” tenor sax playing, check out Steve Johnson featured in my track “Flowers of Rio Branco”. It’s somewhat in this vein, but leans into the BossaNova Chet Baker angle of the bachelor genre.

An Excellent Episode

Just did an interview over at Music Manumit!
Check it out to see what I’ve been up to and what is coming up in the worlds of music and… whatever isn’t music.

Unauthorized Self-Filesharing!

Dear Adsense People, I have a problem.

I’ve been getting more and more notices that pages on my website are being denied advertising because of “Copyrighted material: Unauthorized Filesharing”. There are options to have people review these notices – which I have done, and the notices have all been reinstated, leaving the future of incompetech more uncertain.

They are basically saying that distributing music that I wrote is “unauthorized filesharing”. They don’t tell me who they THINK owns the assets – which would be great to know.

There is also no way I can find to get a note to the reviewers explaining that: This is MY music, and I can share it if I like!

If you are at Google Adsense, or you know of someone who is – please have them contact me at

– Kevin MacLeod

Last Night in Miami!

Street Party

This is my impression of a tv show street party scene scored by a composer from the 90s.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Abuse of Power!

Man Down

This is the Miami Nights main theme motive, but really quite sad. You know what’s awesome? This “string synth” is 8 actual cellos and 12 violas… multi-tracked 4 times. Technology! So much power, you can’t help but abuse it!

You can download the full uncompressed files here!

All the tension!!!

I Can Feel it Coming

Just your average, run-of-the-mill tension filler music… Or IS it!? Yeah, it pretty much is. This does feature a poorly played guitar synth, though… so it is a stand-out in that way. If you were here for tension-building music, you already have this piece… Move along.

You can download the full uncompressed files here!