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Forget about 42! Now there’s 54!!


Are you still spending all of your money on shakra therapies that don’t seem to work? Look no further – Nightdreams will do everything those therapies do and at a much lower cost! Presence is the truth of well-being. And no one can argue that to be well, one must first exist. Before you start listening to this piece, make certain that you exist. No one needs another one of those ‘tree-falling paradoxes’ messing up their lives… or their forests.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

River Fire

This piece has 54 beats each minute. At Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple carving has 54 gods in opposition to 54 demons, and in their struggle they create immortality. Mystics (or mathematicians… whatever) in Ancient Greece knew of the prime factorization of this mystic number. 3 by 3 by 3 by 2. What does this all mean? Not much, as it turns out the concept of a “minute” wasn’t familiar to the architects at Angkor Wat.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

There’s always a straggler…

Burnt Spirit

I lost a couple of the synths I used to create this piece between when I wrote it and when I’m releasing it. So, no – I can not do a remix of this piece. If you need less action or less unnerving, seek the answers elsewhere – for this piece has nothing for ye!!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

3 is good! 6 is better!

Eternal Terminal

I like the waterphone in this piece. It is a bunch of metal tubes welded together, and played with a bow. It is that creepy high-pitched thing you hear in horror movies all the time.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Nightmare Machine

This piece shares a bassline with “Eternal Terminal” (found elsewhere on this site). It also has the same waterphone. You can use these 2 pieces together and make it seem like your project had a custom composer! How cool is that!?
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Death and Axes

Holy epic action. Just look at the instruments in this! The piece shall now speak for itself.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!


Pulsing Dooom! Recommended for use in all your various adventure-y side-scrollers with lots of shooting or stabbing, and the occasional jump-scare. Should loop really great!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!


The whole Orchestral Speed Metal genre has been done to death. But you can’t consider yourself a real composer if you haven’t checked “Orchestral Speed Metal” off your list.
Other essential genres include: Electro Emo-Pop, Motet, Disco Noise, Adult Contemporary, Tone Poem, Haircore, and Zydeco Revival.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Unholy Knight

Oh geez, there’s lots of notes in this one. The end of this piece is just woodwinds by themselves, and they are super cool. So often the percussion just takes over these pieces, even though there are some beautiful parts that get attention directed away from them.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Just run right!

Graveyard Shift

SpoooooOOoooky! Nothing says comedically spooky quite like a theramin. I don’t actually own a theramin, so I cheated. Like I do. This one was created with the ES2 synth, which everyone I know hates and/or fears. It really is just misunderstood, and is quite lovely at parties.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!


More action and more intensity! Remember “Legends of the Hidden Temple”? Seriously? It only lasted 3 seasons. It must have been more difficult than it looked. Okay, I wasn’t on the show, but I think I could have assembled a silver monkey statue with only 3 pieces.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Return of the Mummy

Did you know that people in the 1800s used to make tea out of mummies they dug up in Egypt? Tea. Like the kind you drink. That is because people in the 1800s were dumb. They were so stupid, they thought seaweed was really quite interesting. Today, you would have to be a marine botanist to think seaweed is that exciting. I don’t need to mention how “exciting” marine botanists are… Carl! Finding some Caulerpa 20 kilometers outside its published range is no reason to write a paper! And it is certainly no reason to be LATE for your OWN PARTY, CARL!!!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Live Performance Software for Mac

I’m looking for live performance software. Ableton Live does what I need done, but at $450, it seems like purchasing a new car to have a place to sit.

  • Ableton Live Feature List
  • Unlimited Audio and MIDI tracks
  • Unlimited Scenes
  • 12 Send and Return tracks
  • 256 mono audio input channels
  • 256 mono audio output channels
  • Complex warp modes
  • Audio-slicing
  • Audio to MIDI
  • 11GB of Sounds
  • 5 Software Instruments
  • 33 Audio Effects
  • 8 MIDI Effects
  • What I Need
  • 1 Audio Track
  • Unlimited Scenes
  • 0 Send and Return tracks
  • 0 mono audio input channels
  • 2 mono audio output channels
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope

I need it to trigger mp3 files, loop them, and change the file based on MIDI input. Is there something out there for Mac that does this? I’ve spent far too many hours researching this already. Help me out, internet!



Reaper Only has actions assignable to 30 regions. So… no go there.

Logic I might be able to write my own from scratch using Scripter and the ESX24. I do not want to do this.

Mainstage I’ve not seen anyone do this in Mainstage. Possible?

Ableton Live 9 Intro Doesn’t have enough scenes.


Destruction Device: The new album drops!

Wretched Destroyer

Have you ever heard a 4 bassoon ensemble before? Not likely. While bassoonists may create temporary pair-bonds, they are never found in groups of 3 or more. Much digital trickery was involved in this piece to make them appear as though they were all in the same room at the same time. Tuba players, on the other hand exhibit extreme flocking behaviour, and have even been spotted in mass migrations.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!


High-energy, fast-paced, and memorable, this is a great background to your 2D platformer. It was actually written for a 2D platformer, which is why it will loop back on itself so well. Like Ouroboros! If you’re looking for a high school mascot, PLEASE consider Ouroboros. I’m not sure if it would make for great cheerleading routines, or if it would end up looking more like a human centipede…. But there is one way to fine out! Go! Fighting Ouroboroses!!
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Grim Idol

This piece gets a lot of its crazy from the exposed dissonances. So, before you start going on and on about “wrong” notes; They are there for a reason! I’m almost sure of it. They really sound quite intentional. Why else would I write something like that? Totally done with forethought. Yup. 100% on purpose.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!