Crowdsourcing some Tech Support

Okay, everybody – I know there are a bunch of tech wizards out there when it comes to this, so I’m asking for your help after a few days of failures…

What I want: Screen Record for Windows that produces
– Video file
– Audio file of system audio
– Audio file of Mic 1
– Audio file of Mic 2

Please note that the audio files are nut munged together.

Here is the closest I’ve gotten so far:
Fraps: Does not work, the audio is all mashed or missing a part.
Bandicam: Same deal.
Camtasia: Sort of works… it records all of the audio on distinct tracks, and then you can go in and mute out the tracks you don’t want and export the ones you do want. If there is a quick way to do this, I’d love to know!

So, I was thinking it might be possible to record the system audio in Fraps, and the mics in Audacity… but Audacity either gives me silence or extreme noise when recording anything.

I don’t mind the Camtastia option, but it is $300 – mainly for an editor that I don’t want and won’t use. (46 listed features; I want 5 of them.) That makes me sad.

Drop me a line if you got a suggestion! lord knows i tried everything i could find.


Update! I was pointed at Debut Video Capture. It does not do multiple audio streams.
Update! I was directed to Dxtory. It would not install… it mentioned running the command line setup, and gave me no information on how to go about that.


Well, I’ve been falling behind on my emails – but I’ve just hatched a plan to help everyone in a MUCH more timely manner.

You can ask questions or post your thoughts and comments at the Support-o-matic!! (Available under the “Contact” link on the top of every page.)

Also! I got minions to help!

Randy Morton – EndlessGrind78 at YouTube
Chris Wager – Wagerbomb at YouTube

I’m also going to be answering the support tickets.

Call for Help on SQL


Finally got this thing figured out. It involved changing Collations on all of the columns in the database.


I moved databases a while ago, and now my search queried in the “Keyword” search on my music section have become case-sensitive. This is bad.

Can you help?

Here is the query as it is now (searching on “test”):

SELECT [stuff]
FROM pieces p, genre g, collections c
WHERE p.genre =
AND c.code = p.collection
AND MATCH( title, instruments, description, feel, isrc )
AGAINST ("+test" in boolean mode)

New Host

For all the people sending me information about hosts, I’ll help you out with some requirements.
I transfer about 10Tb per month of data. I have been kicked off of several “unlimited” hosting service providers in the past – they were saying that “unlimited” means “reasonably unlimited”, but not actually unlimited.
I need access to the httpd.conf file. My site is not exactly simple, there are a lot of things in there that make it work. Providers with “web site builder” software will not work. (e.g. Squarespace)
I need MySQL. Probably. I might be able to end-around this after I get done with Phase Three of local development.
I need perl, and the ability to install additional perl libraries.
I need PHP… but most everyone has that.
So there you go!

Hosting Provider

Well, it had to happen. My long-time hosting provider Joyent is discontinuing the service I have been using to host this site for many many years, and I need to find a new solution.
So, for the next few weeks at least, there will be no more new music posted here while I completely rewrite the site to be more portable and get it to a new provider. I don’t know who I’ll be using yet, and I don’t know how yet, but I will get it done… somehow.

YouTube Update!

I spoke to a YouTube rep again today to get the status report.
The progress is two-fold. First off – all of the companies that have been claiming my works as theirs were informed that they must actually review the claims if the claim is contested.
That means – you may still receive a notice from YouTube, and you will need to respond with the piece being “misidentified”. They will actually review them now (as opposed to just denying the contest) and release the videos ASAP.
The second part is a little more technical. The content matches are done by computer, and some things have been matching when they should now. YouTube is going to tighten the tolerances on the matches so that fewer pieces get misidentified in the first place.
That being said – if you contest a claim and it is rejected, you still need to email me, as it may be a new problem.
YouTube has been doing a great job of contacting the publishers and telling what is going on – and why they need to change their behavior on things like this. The technical changes might take a week or two to implement – so there may still be a straggling improper match out there.
And that’s the news!

Does anyone out there know anyone?

I’m having problems with YouTube.
As it turns out – there are some people out there who are taking music from my site, claiming it as their own, and registering it with rights organizations (of some sort).
The music-matching engines on YouTube are now flagging my content as theirs. Can I contact these people and tell them to stop? Not really – when the messages get sent to users, they do not include contact information.
Has this happened to you? Please send me as much information as you can on the entities that have claimed ownership of my music.
It may help me track down the jerks who are pulling this on the “owners’ rights” side of things.
To stop this from happening to you; credit, credit, credit. Include the name of the piece you used (in the text description – so it is easy for YouTube employees to find). Include my name, my site, the license used, and the ISRC number of the recording.
Hopefully, this strategy will work for you.
And if you know of someone in the YouTube rights department – please ask them how I can get this to stop. Can I register my music as a preemptive strike? What can I do here?
Update 1: UMPG Publishing is claiming at least one of my pieces… not sure which yet.
update 2: I have applied for the YouTube Content Identification Application.

Full Blown Panic

Ok, Hurricane is coming to New York. I will not be responding to emails for a while as plans are enacted to save everything from flooding and starvation.
If you have a project open with me – it’ll be a few more days at least. Watch the news for updates to the city. Once transportation and power are back online, so am I.

Google +1!

I just added the Google “Plus 1″ button to my site so you can recommend this site passively to your friends. Emailing can be such a pain.
Pushing a colourful button is fun! Try it at your leisure… I think you need a Google account to make it work.
It is that grey box with a +1 on the upper left hand corner of each page. It turns blue after you “+1″ it.
…we need a verb for that action…
Facebook button coming soon.

Attention Canberrites!

I recently recieved one of the few pieces of art I own from Ian Henderson.

The painting is of the back fence to our property (no comments about the state of the fence!) from the lane behind, and with my studio visible on the far side of the fence. Behind are the poplar trees (full of sulphur crested cockatoos this morning). This is country New South Wales, as we know it!

For everyone in the Greater Canberra Area, he is currently having an exhibition:
Please note that my current exhibition ‘Mainly Monaro’ continues Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am – 4.00 pm at ‘Winterdown’, 46 Bombala Street, Nimmitabel, NSW 2631 and throughout each weekend to 24 April (and including Mon 25, Tue 26, and finishing 4.00pm Wed 27 April.)

For everyone else – you’ll have to just use a website: Ian Henderson.

A new kind of entertainment.

Normally, I don’t talk about other people’s creative here – but if you want to be on the cutting edge of entertainment, you need to know about this.
I don’t have a TV, and I don’t own a radio. Entertainment is transcending those media if you know where to look.
Imagine C-SPAN meets Seinfeld meets The Truman Show. A kind of thing you can listen to very casually. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always real.

There are some people who produce media where you get to know them very well. No punches pulled. You get all of their thoughts… including their self-doubt, their problems, their triumphs, their conspiracy theories. Everything that goes on – in detail – unedited.
There is one monologist that I really enjoy – and I think he does ‘real’ better than anyone; Frank Nora.
Right now – Frank is dealing with marketing issues, lunch problems in Midtown Manhattan, the commute (including the infamous “corridor of losers”), persistent con-trails, the problems with sirens, new game inventions… literally hundreds of things.
You don’t need to engage in everything – or anything. It is the sort of thing that you put on and listen to… usually an hour a day or more. How many times can you listen to the same pop music? Why not reconnect with humanity while you live your life?
The Frank Nora Show. Available on iTunes for free every day.

A great leap for interspecies technology.

I think it is well known that Bonobos don’t like to tell time to the exact minute, instead opting to divide the hour into 12 parts. Some humans also share this affinity.
This iPhone / iPod app helps to bridge the gap between humanity and bonobonity. Each species can easily read and understand the clock in their own species-specific way, and still share the experience.
iPhone WordClock