Month: May 2007

On the Trail of the iPhone

If you don’t already know what the iPhone is, you won’t be excited about this… but it has browsed my site… so someone out there is already using one! Read more about the iPhone Visit!


You can tell I’m not a real movie critic. I missed the extravaganza of Shrek the Third, carefully avoided the craziness that is the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which I’ve never liked, and ended up reviewing Bug. Talk about

Circles and Dots in Triangles

Finally! Some new graph papers! The Circular generator is particularly notable because it has a radius multiplier, which can give you results like these… (1, 1.5, and 2 respectively)

Month of Music Continues!

More musics. This batch includes pieces from 2 projects (a musical and a stage performance) as well as some other pieces. Dispersion Relation – Jazz Glee Club Polka Running Fanfare – short brass fanfare Crisis – orchestral action for that

28 Weeks Later…

I’m not sure if the dots are really necessary, but that’s how the title’s listed on imdb. Now, maybe some of you haven’t seen the first movie, 28 Days Later (not to be confused with the Sandra Bullock film, 28

Month of Music

Here was the plan. 50 pieces of music in one month. Well, that was the plan… the NEW plan is one piece of music every day. Keeping up the former pace was causing me too much stress for a stupid