Month: August 2009

For Composers!

I have had plain staff paper available on my site for a while, but if you’re looking to up your creativity, check out In particular, I like the study scores and “featured” papers. Yay! Crumply! Seriously cool stuff.

Tom’s Shoes

This is a brilliantly edited piece for Tom’s Shoes. I have included the original video that made the piece of music below. The music piece itself, “Melodica Demo” is available for download at

Background Music Extravaganza!

In order from most aggressive to most chill… What You Want Slow Burn Beach Party Nile’s Blues Last Kiss Goodnight And an often requested ender-sting: Der Kleber Sting Dun dun DUUUUN!

Browse By Collection!

I’ve been working on this for a long time, and the web site side is close enough to play with. Browse Music By Collection It is a new (for incompetech) way of seeing related pieces of music, similar to albums.

District 9

Ever wonder what would happen if a bunch of very non-human-looking alien refugees showed up on Earth? Wonder no longer, because I’m pretty sure this movie predicts that very accurately. You know, aside from the particularly weird stuff that happens

New music of wide assortment.

Often the things I post are unrelated, except having been written at a similar time. These pieces are so unrelated, I’m having a hard time thinking that I made all of them… much less made them all within days of