Month: October 2011

Fantastic Music

Fantastic meaning coming from a fantasy. These 2 pieces (plus one variant) were written for a puzzle game; Antrim Escape 3, which is on sale through October 31st in the app store. I’m sure many of you are already a

Solo Bass Project

Interesting pieces done live on a solo bass. Over Under Jarvic 8 Wet Riffs Bicycle I started these recordings a while back, the plan was to write as other composers using techniques I don’t usually use. The story: This was

The Carnival has Arrived

Three and a half new pieces of a sort of Brazilian-style drumming ensemble music! Lagoa v1 – 109 beats per minute Lagoa v1 – 130 beats per minute Leblon Suvaco do Cristo

Calendars now a little more universal.

If you speak Galego, nice printable calendars just got easier. Well, mostly easier. New language available in any of the calendar types.

The Lost Zakumi Episodes

I did the score for a world-cup tie-in cartoon called “Zakumi”. But, from the US, it seems that all 20 episodes just disappeared. Just found this one:

Bugle calls

I got an email this morning from military bugler Jari Villanueva. My version of “Taps” was wrong. Oops. That’s not good. I recorded a new correct version from the music he gave me. Taps v2 And while I was doing