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New Music in the Public Domain

Got a use for any of these? You can get them at SoundCloud or at

Silverman Sound

More Music has happened to the world! Shane Ivers has opened up a few new pieces of Creative Commons licensed music with quite an exceptional interface. You can get it here! ( Shane says he expects to add more on

Vi Hart – Happy “Happy Birthday” Day!

Vi Hart knocks it out of the park with the excellent explanation of what’s going on with the new “Happy Birthday” copyright ruling. Highly recommended!

America! Merica! USA! [beat] USA! [beat] USA!!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for patriotic music over the last week, so I’ll just post this here… I am not writing new music… because I don’t have to! There is some great stuff in the public domain


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YouTube and ContentID

In the Before Times, ContentID and my work didn’t get along so well. Many people took my music, claimed it as their own, sold it to people, then claimed videos on YouTube through the ContentID system. YouTube had been working